Dental Office Technology Service Installation & Consulting

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Located in Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs, Dental Technology Services (DTS) is an experienced computer / networking consulting company with over 21 years of experience specializing in the dental community.

We work with dental offices throughout the Midwest, primarily in the metro regions of Chicago, Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin for both brand new dental office remodeling projects and dental office technology upgrades. DTS can completely manage expansion projects, troubleshoot day-to-day computer issues, provide resolutions, and supervise software upgrades. From premise wiring and network management, to supporting your digital equipment, DTS can give you the support your office needs.

Digital Imaging

We are specially trained in the areas of digital intraoral sensors, intraoral cameras, intraoral scanners, panoramic and cephalometric digital imaging, and digital 3D imaging.  We have the knowledge and experience to keep you up and running.

Remote Data Backup

Our Remote Backup Service will protect your business by utilizing your internet connection to send copies of your critical data files to our off-site data storage facility every night.  There is nothing that you have to do. Our system is automatic, affordable, and so secure that no one except you can view your data.  Your most valuable business asset will always be safe and secure at our off-site data storage facility.

Remote Management

Our remote management solution allows us to supervise and control all of your software systems remotely.  We can install new or updated software, detect and configure new devices, monitor the general health of your systems, monitor your data backups, and be proactive to any potential threats or problems.

Cyber Security

We implement specific processes and practices to protect networks, computers, software programs and data from attacks, damage, or unauthorized access.

Dental Technology Consulting

Considering a technology upgrade?  Planning on opening a new location and need to have a technology game plan?  DTS can provide your dental office an action plan from inception to implementation on what technology products, both hardware and software, as well as furniture, you will need to make your next technology transition a success.

Cabling & Wiring

DTS is the leading provider of IT infrastructure and network cabling throughout the Midwest.  By providing infrastructure engineering along with installation for voice, data, video, and wireless solutions, DTS offers a one stop shop for your networking needs. MORE

Service Maintenance

Because technology is no longer a set it and forget it concept, DTS offers ongoing service maintenance to make sure your technology is always running as optimal as possible.  Whether you have an existing office and technology solution that needs maintenance or ongoing support for a new technology install, our affordable services maintenance will allow you to stay focused on your practice.

Ergonomic Design

Anyone can set up a computer on a desk and plug it in.  To design and install a system that truly meshes with the way that you practice, taking into consideration the ergonomics and functionality of all the dental equipment involved, takes a specialist.  DTS will design everything around your routine and integrate the right technology to support how your practice operates.

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